The Best Compost Grinder: Our Top 5

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Composting is gaining popularity in the present years and it is essential if you want to be more organized and environmentally conscious. I’m a die-hard, proud and avid composting enthusiast!

I’m an expert at buying the best composting machines after 8 years of experience composting. I had learned through trial and error and I want to make your job easier by sharing my experience with you.

I’ve tried numerous composters and I found some terrific composting machines that are reliable, durable, easy to use, and affordable. If you are dealing with tons of yard waste such as leaves, fallen fruits and vegetables, and sawdust, then these top-notch compost machines are just for you.

When you have tons of yard waste or leftovers, you may waste time sorting them by hand and it could take hours before you can finally start composting. One thing you’ll notice as you start composting is that you’ll have less waste and have produced a valuable compost for your garden.

Composting is very rewarding and let me share some of these machines with you.

Good Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PROBest OverallGood Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PRO
Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost BinBudget PickMiracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

1. Good Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PRO

Our rating: 9 / 10

Good Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PRO

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  • Smaller, compact design
  • High-quality design with steel/cast iron motor housing
  • Electronic keypad for on-demand operation
  • Automatically separates coarse and fine materials
  • Powered by a 12-amp motor for maximum performance
  • Long power cord so you don’t have to worry about using extension cords
  • Stainless steel auger
  • Decreases compost time by 70%
  • Hand crank to turn the unit
  • Stainless steel hopper and impeller


  • Not compatible with automatic night dump stations
  • May be too slow for larger yards
  • The wheels are fixed in place and can’t be removed
  • Ballasts the impeller to reduce noise
  • Warranty excludes the power cord

This black composter weighs in at a respectable 49.5 pounds and measures 24.3 x 24.8 x 24.8 inches. It’s made of a combination of steel/cast iron and powder coated plastic. The steel was constructed to make a sturdy heap so that you be able to shred even the hardest of materials for your composting. The motor hopper is constructed of steel while the motor housing is made of cast iron. This helps the body keep the necessary heft for the durability needed during operation but keeps it as lightweight as possible. It’s recommended to plug the composter into a GFCI protected circuit so that you can rest assured you’re protected.

Pros and Cons:

2. Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

Our rating: 7 / 10

Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

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  • Ideal for yard and garden waste
  • Easy to assemble
  • Disassembles without tools
  • Takes up less space when disassembled
  • Excellent customer service
  • Good airflow control
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty for the unit’s parts


  • Clumping is not ideal; some pieces may remain unbroken
  • The lid should have a handle to make it easier to open
  • Not suitable for small yards

If your garden waste is more than can be taken care of by your compost bin, you may need something a bit more powerful. The Miracle-Gro Single Chamber 25.8 Gallon Compost Bin, our top choice, is great for refining your garden waste. It’s an ideal bin for those with gardens larger than 500 sq ft.

We love the Miracle-Gro Single Chamber 25.8 Gallon Compost Bin because there aren’t a lot of complicated assembly instructions to follow with this compost tumbler. This compost tumbler is very easy to assemble without any tools. The only thing needed is to snap the two pins in place and then push the tumbler into the ground, and you’re done! You can set this up in about a minute. It’s also very easy to disassemble as well.

The compost kit is 27.7 gallons, which is perfect for creating a generous amount of compost. There are two vents located on the top of the compost bin for you to adjust the airflow. It’s important to note that air allows the compost to heat up, destroy pathogens, and decompose evenly. The bin also needs to be turned on a regular basis in order to break up clumps.

3. Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

Our rating: 6 / 10

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container

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  • The new updated design is made out of durable abs plastic, and comes with a new locking lid system.
  • A clippin compost bowl is included that makes it easy to whack food scraps into little pieces when the bowl is inverted over the Food Cycler.
  • It is a very spacious food recycler capable of holding up to 10 pounds of food scraps. If you have a large family, you can easily feed 10-15 worms at regular intervals.
  • Metro worms, a reputable worm supplier, has also reviewed the Food Cycler Platinum, and has given it the stamp of approval for a quality worm farm.
  • It requires very little maintenance, and can sit in the kitchen without attracting any unwanted attention, unlike the other compost bins on this list.
  • You can use it at the cottage or a weekend cabin, but it is specifically designed to be used indoors.
  • Metro worms provides a one year warranty on the equipment, but only a 30 day warranty on the worms.
  • Gamvic makes the Food Cycler Platinum, and they will in turn, replace it with a different model from their range if anything goes wrong.
  • You are provided with a resource manual that provides valuable information, including a troubleshooting guide.
  • There is an instruction manual, and a comprehensive tutorial video.

The Metroworms Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Complete Worm Composting Kit is a well-designed product packed with lots of features that help it easily compete with other composting and recycling systems on the market. The Metroworms Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Complete Worm Composting Kit is made with high quality parts to ensure durability, and it is also very easy to use. It is available in three colors. Once all parts are installed, you can start using it immediately. It is a food recycler and a worm farm in one system; you can turn food scraps and table scraps into valuable fertilizer for your garden.

4. Joseph Joseph 30022 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit

Our rating: 6 / 10

Joseph Joseph 30022 Intelligent Waste Totem Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit

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  • Convenient delay function
  • Washable lid and drawer
  • Easy to separate the trash with the two separate compartments
  • Magnetic locking system
  • Contemporary design
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 20.6 x 33 inches and Net weight 22lbs
  • It is very reasonably priced


  • It may leak a bit where the trash cans connect to the main unit
  • The trash can may take a little tweaking to fit on smoothly
  • It is a bit heavy to move around

Briefly, the Intelligent Waste Totem acts as your own personal garbage and compost expert. It allows you to sort and track your organic waste easily. It allows you to file up one side and open the other in the same movement. The two trash can side on opposite sides.

The unit comes with a spatula which is attached to the inside of the upper plastic door. When you want to pull off the can lids, you can use your spatula to open the lower plastic door first. Only one side at a time.

The kit comes with the spatula, the lid and the main unit which is made of steel. The steel belt should be rinsed with soapy water and then brought to dry. This would make the steel belt last longer. Some users may put the steel unit directly under water tap to clean it. This causes water to enter the garbage disposal which makes grinding the waste food harder.

5. Exaco Trading MR ECO Mini Compost Bin

Our rating: 4 / 10

Exaco Trading MR ECO Mini Compost Bin

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  • Great compost bin for limited space
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Equipped with patented/revolutionary meshed vents to enhance aerate composting
  • Excellent customer service


  • Smaller than expected
  • Won’t be as effective for really big spaces
  • Would have to purchase another one if you were going to compost on a large scale

The Exaco Trading MR ECO Mini Compost Bin is our top pick for the best compost bin. It’s a must-have for small spaces, and you can easily move this bin around to accommodate plants that are getting more sunlight or to stack it for compact storage.

It’s ideal for most composting situations and is great to help your plants and roots flourish. Because of its design, it also allows for easy movement, and you can easily stack more than one bin for even more composting. Pros also praise the great customer service you receive from Exaco, which makes this compost bin extra attractive.

Cons are few, but one is that it’s smaller than expected – a plus for those with limited space but something to consider if you’re getting it for larger purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best compost bins?

Unless you are in the habit of using your own compost bin, it is probably the single most useful thing you can buy for your composting efforts. Made of wood or plastic, a good compost bin will help you transform all of the organic material in your yard into the compost you need to keep it healthy and growing.

When choosing a compost bin, look first for a size that works best for your own needs and property. You can choose from small bins that are around 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep by 1 foot high or large bins that are 4 feet wide by 3 feet deep by 3 feet high. These measurements are not absolute because there are models on the market that can hold a little more or a little less material.

Look at the construction of the compost bin to see if it will work in your backyard. So many compost bins need to be placed a short distance from a building, wall or fence. This is because the material inside the bin needs to be able to get some direct sunlight each day without the risk of attracting critters. So keep in mind your location and how you will be using the compost bin before you choose the bin that is right for you.

When you get your compost bin home, set it up in an area in your yard where it will be easy to get to and work with. Most bins can be connected to an existing fence or wall to support it and keep it secure. You will need to keep a close eye on the compost if you choose to keep it outside. It is also a good idea to find a compost bin that features a lid so your compost can stay secure and protected from pests.

Something that is very important to keep in mind is the functionality of the compost bin. If you have an animal in the area or plan on bringing an animal into the area, be sure to purchase a compost bin that can be secured and locked. If it will not be moved to another location or it cannot be secured, you will want to choose a compost bin with no holes or openings on the side.

What foods make the best compost?

Here at the What’s Best, we love compost tea! It’s a great way to fertilize your garden at home.

For a great compost tea recipe, layer your compost ingredients like this:

  • One to two inches of compost
  • One inch of aged manure
  • One inch of leaf mold
  • One inch of organic fertilizer
  • One inch of sand

Then, add:

  • 50 to 100 yards of water
  • One tea bag per gallon of water or 2 cups of liquid fertilizer
  • Phosphorous (if you want to speed up the composting process)
  • Depending on the level of C, you can add citrus peels, tea, and coffee grounds

What is the quickest compost?

You can make a very successful compost pile by using only 3 ingredients: air, carbon and nitrogen. A compost pile is a good mix of nitrogen rich materials, carbon rich materials and air.

If you can achieve a good ratio of the three ingredients, you will have the perfect compost pile in no time.

All you need to remember is to get the air circulating, by turning the pile frequently with a shovel.

If you give your compost pile enough air, the bacteria will break down the material into compost. If you give the material enough carbon, you will get an aerobic compost, this is what your plants, such as tomatoes and peppers will need to thrive.

If you can achieve a good ratio of the three ingredients, you will have the perfect compost pile in no time.


If you prefer to make your own compost, then it’s important to have the right compost grinder. It will bring fantastic results to the composting process. It’s a big help if you don’t already have a compost bin or tumbler.

Setting aside some time every week to turn your compost is going to make a lot of difference at the end of the process versus neglecting it!

In this resource, I’m going to discuss the best compost grinders you can buy. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Though it depends a lot on how much money you are willing to spend, what size compost you’ll be using, and your preference for motor power.

The good thing about compost grinders is that they are relatively inexpensive. Manufacturers have them in different prices ranges. So you can buy something that’s within your budget. Definitely, when you use a powerful grinder, the compost will be ready more quickly! So if you’re thinking of combining composting with regular waste disposal, then getting a powerful grinder will be of great help.

Below is a table that contains our best picks for each category:

What Should You Consider When Buying a Compost Grinder?

If you’re serious about composting your kitchen waste then you must get a grinder. Why? It will speed up the composting process a lot and you don’t have to do it yourself. Yes it’s more expensive than the alternative compost bin or tumbler, but you can trust it.

So where do you start? Some things to consider before you begin:

The size of the compost bin or tumbler you want to use: They’re available in many sizes, so you’ll have to consider your own needs and decide what size of bin you’ll need. You’ll also need to have enough space for your compost bin.

The material of the bin or tumbler: Your choice of material will depend on the where you want to use the bin or tumbler. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Our Recommendation

Good Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PROBest OverallGood Ideas SMP-BLK 7-Cubic Foot Compost Wizard Jr. Soil Machine PRO
Miracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost BinBudget PickMiracle-Gro Single Chamber Outdoor Garden Compost Bin