Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It’s a game we all tend to play in the backyard with our friends and family.

There are a ton of outdoor basketball hoops products out there on the market, meaning you can pick from a wide variety of options. It’s hard to know which one to choose?

In this article, we’ve listed down all types of outdoor basketball hoops on the market today. This will give you a complete overview of the basketball hoop types available, as well as overviews of the top products in the market.

By the time you are done reading through this, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs and which products are the best to choose. You’ll also be able to choose the basketball hoop that best fits your needs and your budget.

Lifetime Adjustable Basketball HoopBest OverallLifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop
Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball HoopBudget PickSilverback 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop
Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball HoopUpgrade PickGoalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop

1. Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Our rating: 9 / 10

Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be adjusted once assembled
  • Comes with a steel powder coated pole
  • Will last a long time


  • Not very sturdy
  • Doesn’t come with any customization (no backboard, rim, padding)
  • Made of lightweight plastic, which means that it’s not ideal for playing with kids

The Lifetime 54BP 54-inch Polycarbonate Basketball Hoop (Black) is our pick for best basketball hoop on the market; in fact, it’s the highest rated product on Amazon right now.

It features a heavy duty, rust resistant steel powder coated pole and polycarbonate backboard, along with a clear plexiglass backboard for higher transparency. This hoop will last much longer than any other backboard on our list too. Adjustable to eight positions, this backboard can be raised to meet the needs of your family.

The 54BP comes with a six-foot base with dual mount and a three-point player spring tension rod for accurate performance.

2. Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop

Our rating: 9 / 10

Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop

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  • Residential/commercial grade
  • Premium quality
  • Comes with great instructions

3 TIER Sloped Basketball Hoop System, Residential/Commercial grade.

The Silverback 60 is a highly durable in ground basketball system. It comes with detailed instructions on installation and how to adjust the goal. The kit includes everything you need for installation, which we found to be somewhat of a rarity. However, a 27mm wrench and a 10mm open wrench are required for the installation process.

Along with a sturdy unit, the Silverback 60 has a high-quality cylindrical tempered glass backboard – which is a rarity with in ground hoops. We found no flaws in the design and the backboard is exactly what you want to see in an in ground system. In addition, the post-system has a sleek design and it’s reinforced by the rim, the padding, and the backboard.

3. Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop

Our rating: 8 / 10

Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop

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Although the Goalrilla GS54 isn’t the cheapest in-ground basketball system available for sale, it’s still a great value for all its features and the durability it offers. The backboard and rim are made from a polyethylene composite to give them exceptional toughness and strength when it’s hit by the ball.

The nylon-coated galvanized steel legs can stand up to strong winds and other weather conditions with ease as well. The silver-colored backboard measures 54 inches by 32 inches, which is standard for in-ground systems. The goal height can be adjusted from 6 to 8 feet. The rim is also pro-style with the breakaway mounting system. It’s also a touchback feature, so when it’s made, the net moves back by itself to keep the ball from getting outside the court area.

4. Ryval C660 Basketball Hoop

Our rating: 7 / 10

Ryval C660 Basketball Hoop

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  • Perfect for the driveway and extremely easy to install
  • In the market, this is the largest hoop available
  • It is completely clear glass, ideal for any age demographic from kids till adults
  • Can be raised to whatever height is comfortable for playing
  • Has a pretty good quality all-aluminum goal for the price
  • The rim has six springs vs four for most other models
  • Dual spring rims are considered to be the best by many players for better performance
  • The springs are heavy duty for added stability and safety
  • Wide rim is great for shooting both two and three pointers
  • 100 percent weatherproof… No more rusted out hoops

5. Spalding NBA Arena View H Frame In-Ground Basketball System

Our rating: 1 / 10

Spalding NBA Arena View H Frame In-Ground Basketball System

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Spalding’s NBA Backboard has got to be the biggest and best in-ground basketball goal out there. This backboard is also very reasonably priced, and you can even customize it to your liking based on the number of players on your team. The goal fits within a 7’ x 27” space, so in terms of size, it’s not the biggest in the world. This doesn’t really matter, however, as you can adjust the base and add some extra padding to fit even a much larger concrete space. Spalding has also included some features that increase the safety of this product. There’s a ball return system on the front that allows you to collect balls without having to bend over and pick them up. This saves you a lot of energy and potential injury.

The Spalding NBA Goal is very sturdy, and includes some great features. If you’re considering a professional-level goal, you might want to look elsewhere, but for most high school kids and older, this goal is a very good option for a backyard basketball set-up. If you’re looking for a more professional goal, we recommend another product featured on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best in ground basketball hoop?

The best in ground basketball hoop must be safe, sturdy, and provide quality service over a long period of time. It should also be easy to install and store. There are four basic types of in ground basketball hoops:

  • In Ground Hoops That Are Bolted into the Ground
  • In Ground Hoops That Are Attached with Push-pins
  • In Ground Hoops That Are Gravity-Floor Supported Hoops
  • In Ground Hoops That Are Installed with Pins through the Metal Anchors

What is the best basketball goal?

When making a shortlist of the best basketball hoops, one needs to consider construction, durability, price, and value for money. The materials and design, as well as the manufacturing process, must be closely inspected. Some of the best basketball goals are low-priced. However, they use top-quality material and excellent craftsmanship. Others cost more, but they live up to their price.

Is it better to put sand or water in a basketball hoop?

Water is generally the best choice, for many reasons. First of all; it's a lot easier to fill the water with a hose. You can adjust the water level with ease. Second; water is more stable. In sand you can float baskets easily, but that's not the case in water. Third; water makes it easier to get your ball back if you miss. Sand makes this very difficult and you'll have to climb into the dirt to get your ball back. And last but not least; water is much easier to clean. Just empty it, wipe it and refill it. But it's really personal preference.

How high should a basketball hoop be off the ground?

There isn’t an exact regulation as to how high a basketball hoop should be set, but the general rule is it should be set from 7.62 feet to 10.9 feet. Set it too low and it’ll be harder to score points. Set it too high or too far and anyone may miss it.


If your home is not big enough for a basketball goal and backboard, but you still want to shoot the living daylight out of some hoops, then you might consider an in-ground basketball hoop.

They are very good for practicing and if you want to have a good enough hoop to shoot a few shots before you leave the house, then these are the ones for you.

These in-ground basketball hoops are almost always made of durable steel and stand up to their intended use effectively. We’ve reviewed some of the best in-ground basketball hoops in the market, thanks to extensive tests by our highly trained reviewers who have shared their impressions and tips so you can make an informed decision.

Our Recommendation

Lifetime Adjustable Basketball HoopBest OverallLifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop
Silverback 60" In-Ground Basketball HoopBudget PickSilverback 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop
Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball HoopUpgrade PickGoalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop