The 5 Best Pogo Sticks for Play and Exercise Outdoors

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What are some of the most popular types of toys for children?

Most kids are still playing with toys that were thought to be tossed aside by the 1980s and earlier: like cars, trains, and tractors. What about the pogo stick and the scooter?

I’m talking about today’s technology. The hula hoop is back. I saw one the other day in an ice cream shop with a flashing light, and then three more in the Home Depot parking lot!

So, what’s new: pogo sticks, scooters, and hula hoops?!

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo StickBest OverallFlybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
NSG Pogo StickBudget PickNSG Pogo Stick
Flybar Super Pogo Pogo StickUpgrade PickFlybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick

1. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

Our rating: 9 / 10

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

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The next best pogo stick for outdoor use is the Flybar Foam Maverick. Coming in a deep violety red, this pogo stick is sure to attract a lot of attention. Plus, it’s the number one best seller, making it a sure winner in our book.

What’s great about this pogo stick is that it’s ideal for younger children, as it has a weight limit of 40 to 80 lbs. So if your child is on the lighter side, they’ll be able to use this toy for years to come.

What’s also great about this pogo stick is that it’s very comfortable to use. The type of foam used to cover the hardwood handle is soft and comfy to the touch, making this a great pogo stick for those long hours of play outdoors. In fact, the manufacturer says that you can even fit it comfortably into your handbag for a quick and convenient play session during a break.

2. Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick

Our rating: 8 / 10

Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick

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  • Backed by an outstanding 4.9 star rating on Amazon
  • Industrial-grade steel pogo stick that can carry up to 210 pounds!
  • Features a redesigned handle for added strength, which is important for adults or smaller children
  • Five locking positions let you adjust the height to your taste
  • Very durable considering the price
  • Safe and fun for use by kids and adults alike
  • Perfect for sporting and recreational use
  • You can find this pogo stick in several different colors


  • Assembly required, but is easy if you follow the instructions
  • Note that it’s not technically rated for adults
  • Some customers found that the metal frays over time, meaning it can loosen

Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 4 inches; weight: 8.8 pounds; Made for ages 14 and up

We love this pogo stick! It’s one of the least-expensive and most-customizable models we’ve found, and we’re impressed at the wide range of options available. The Flybar Super Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable model that will keep up with your child or adult.

3. NSG Pogo Stick

Our rating: 8 / 10

NSG Pogo Stick

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Ultra lightweight, which is perfect for adults as well as children
  • Fully adjustable height that fits almost any age
  • Foldable to an extremely compact size for storage and travel
  • Can be used for sports, zoomies, and just plain fun and exercise


  • Assembly instructions are lacking in detail
  • The metal spring that holds the bars into place is quite weak
  • Height adjustment bolts feel flimsy

If you’re looking for a high-quality, foldable pogo stick that folds up into a very compact size for travel and storage and is easy to assemble, then the NSG Pogo Stick should be right up your alley. The NSG Pogo Stick can be used for sports, outdoor fitness, and plain old having fun.

The reason that you should get this pogo stick instead of an inferior brand is that it’s made with top-of-the-line quality 7075 aluminum construction. The power spring is made from steel, is 120mm long, and is very durable. The handlebar is made from chrome steel and is comfortable to hold. The handlebars have an optimized 45-degree angle grip, which makes it ideal for bouncing and encourages natural bounce.

You also get an eight-month limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase will not only be safe, but also very durable.

4. Razor BoGo Pogo Stick

Our rating: 6 / 10

Razor BoGo Pogo Stick

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  • Large pogo stick with 360-degree swiveling base
  • Features a high-performance oversized aluminum shaft with a beefy 3 1/2-inch diameter
  • Innovative push-to-lock system allows riders to keep feet in place
  • Eliminates the need for bulky buckles, adding to the light weight of only 2.65 pounds
  • Provides a smoother jump each time due to its razor-treaded urethane wheels
  • Ergonomic padded non-slip handlebars for greater control
  • Padded backpack integrated with the handlebars allows you to easily carry the pogo stick
  • Integrated water bottle holder that allows riders to stay hydrated
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds


  • Not very durable
  • The handlebars are not adjustable
  • The Razor BoGo Pogo Stick is therefore only suitable for riders up to 6-foot-3 inches tall
  • Not suitable for performing fancy tricks
  • Some units provide no front locks, resulting in feet slipping

The Razor BoGo Pogo Stick is very easy to maneuver, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of younger children learning on pogo sticks.

The product in this case is a pogo stick designed for riders up to 6-foot-3 inches tall. It features a high-performance oversized aluminum shaft with a beefy 3 1/2-inch diameter.

The innovative push-to-lock system eliminates the need for bulky buckles, adding to the light weight of only 2.65 pounds. The Razor BoGo Pogo Stick also has an ergonomic padded non-slip handlebar that allows you to have greater control for smoother jumps every time as it has razor-treaded urethane wheels.

5. Vurtego V4 Pro

Our rating: 5 / 10

Vurtego V4 Pro

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  • Great for high jumpers
  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Safe & durable
  • Designed for all weather conditions
  • Great for anyone that wants to achieve optimal speed & jump distance
  • Comes with advanced safety net
  • Comes with a lightweight travel case
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Can be challenging to learn
  • Air chamber not ideal for intermediate or beginner jumpers

Vurtego's adult pogo stick is ideal for high jumpers and professional athletes. The V4 Pro is built from high-quality materials and is designed for optimal performance in all weather conditions with no worries. They come with a full 1-year manufacturer warranty and are designed to withstand even the toughest use.

With a large air chamber, the Vurtego V4 Pro has greater balance and spring force than other pogo sticks. The air chamber can be adjusted to 3 different levels for jumping based on your weight. At the highest level, the V4 Pro has a thrust force of about 80 lbs, allowing users to jump an impressive 10 feet in the air.

If you are a beginner, you can actually lower the spring to make it easier to jump. This pogo stick also has a low center of gravity design for increased stability and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is pogo sticking good exercise?

Yes, it is great aerobic exercise. In fact, pogo sticks are way too much fun to just sit on the sideline. And because they’re so inexpensive, you can buy several to try out different jumping and spinning combinations.

One study published in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry found that pogo jumping is a fantastic aerobic exercise. It burns up to 7k calories per hour. It also improves your cardiovascular fitness and strengthens the muscles of the legs, calves, and Achilles tendon in the feet.

It improves whole body coordination, balance, and agility.

Which pogo stick is best?

This really depends on what you want to use it for. Pogo sticks are primarily designed for play but you can also use them for exercise. Here are the top 5 best pogo sticks that you can use for play and exercise.

What age is appropriate for a pogo stick?

With proper safety guidelines, pogo sticks are safe to use by anyone over the age of 6. Don’t forget that it’s best to start with a training pogo stick before moving on to professional pogo sticks for the best results.

Pogo sticks are usually used for fun and exercise. Make the most out of your experience with these 5 best pogo sticks for every different style of play and need, and make the most out of your green time!

PRO TIP: It’s your responsibility to follow all safety guidelines outlined in the product manuals.

What is the highest amount of jumps on a pogo stick?

Most brands claim to have records ranging between 3,453 (!!) to 5,382 jumps made in a single session. To be fair though, these records are set by professionals or experts.

The highest amount of single jumps in a row ever recorded by a pogo stick is 842 jumps, accomplished by Tom Chambers, an experienced pogo enthusiast.


As more people today rely on technology at work or prefer doing online activities, kids are now less active, and it is important to encourage them to stay active and healthy.

Today, I have five of the best pogo sticks for play and exercise indoors or outdoors. These were carefully selected based on the ones that most people would like based on their high quality, durability, and overall popularity, interest and demand.

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Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo StickBest OverallFlybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick
NSG Pogo StickBudget PickNSG Pogo Stick
Flybar Super Pogo Pogo StickUpgrade PickFlybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick