33 Fun Outdoor Games for Large Groups to Enjoy

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GIANT-Sized Games

The list below features games that can be played with groups of 10 or more people.


How to Play:

Mount a Harley Davidson motorcycle on top of a tree stump or sturdy platform to create a bucking bronco ride. Make sure you select a tree stump thick enough to withstand the weight and torque.

Race against your friends to be the first person to jump on the motorcycle and remain on the motorcycle for fifteen seconds.

Remember to wear protective gear as the motorcycle will be moving.


How to Play:

In this game, individuals race to be the first to reach the finish line.

At the start of the game, appoint a line judge(s) using two or three helpers who walk along the ladder to the finish line of the race.

Before the game begins, provide each participant with a colored serving tray such as a paper plate.

At the start of the race, the racers must hold up their colored tray so that the line judge(s) can determine the running order. The first participant has a white tray, the second a yellow tray, the third a red tray, and so on.

The Rainbow Race is complete when everyone has crossed the finish line.

The winner of the race is the individual that reaches the finish line 1st with the most of their colored objects on the tray.


How to Play:

In this game, individuals race to be the first to reach the finish line.

At the start of the game, appoint a line judge(s) at the end of the trail to the finish line using two or three helpers.

Before the game begins, provide each participant with a bowling ball, tomato or a small rock.

At the start of the race, the racers must throw their bowling ball so that it lands in a topsoil bowl at the end of the trail and does not bounce off.

The Frog -in- a -Topsoil Bowl is complete when everyone has run the course or when time runs out whichever occurs first.

The winner of the race is the individual that reaches the finish line 1st with the most bowling ball(s) in a topsoil bowl.

Games for Groups of Children

Camping is a great way to get back to nature and forget about the daily bustle of life in the city. But if you want to enjoy yourself without having to think about a million things at once, you’ll need some camping games. And these will be fun for both children and adults.

Games are a great way to keep boredom away, and keep everyone busy when you do not have too many things to occupy your time … such as a hike or going out of the campsite to explore the area.

When it comes to having fun outdoors, there are a lot of options. You can have a blend of team games or just a simple free for all that everyone can enjoy. Playing outside is a great way to connect with loved ones, and you can also have a family picnic at the end of the day.

Here are some games for camping that you can play with your family or anyone you wish to go camping with. Note that some of the games may be played by children only … mostly family ones, while others can be played by adults if they enjoy these types of games. There are no age limitations … just hot images that may be risky for children (not really though). Enjoy the list!

35 Awesome Head-to-Head Camping Games for Everyone

Here are some awesome head-to-head games for you to play with your friends and loved ones out in the open forest. Or, you can even have a good time indoors with those who are not fond of camping and enjoy these awesome games instead.

Have you ever wanted to work as a team and win a challenge that requires strategy? The game of tug-of-war is a great way to test each person’s strength and determination. No team can win without the strength of everyone in the team.

The first team to win four rounds will win.

It is a great game that encourages teammates to help each other out and work for the good of the team.

If you want to include the youngsters, just tell them that they will win a prize when they beat the adults. Children do not have to know that adults are to be on the same team.

Mainstream Sports

A relative newcomer to North America, soccer is a simple sport of touch and control that involves less physicality than other popular sports.

Flag Football

Similar to a game of tag without the harshness of being tagged, flag football is a sport designed for safe play between large groups.

Ultimate Frisbee

While Frisbee can be played by two or three people, ultimate Frisbee is designed for large groups. Also known as Ultimate, the game is similar to soccer in that the goal is to bring the Frisbee to ground rather than to the other end of the field.


Although some people confuse kickball for baseball, the two sports are considerably different. Unlike baseball, kickball is extremely similar to Ultimate in that a ball is kicked rather than pitched, and is played on a small field.


An Indian game dating back to the 1300s, Lacrosse is fast-paced and physical. Similar to soccer, the sport involves a great deal of physical contact that has safety implications.


Another sport that can be played with as few as three individuals, boxball is simply a game of tag. The rules and scoring are the same, so if you enjoy tag, boxball is a sport worth trying.


The opposite of tag, or perhaps a mix between tag and dodgeball, boxball is a sport for large groups of people.

Playing Boxball is similar to dodgeball except that all players are safe from being out. This makes Boxball a safer and friendlier version of dodgeball.


The opposite of tag, or perhaps a mix between tag and dodgeball, boxball is a sport for large groups of people.

Playing Boxball is similar to dodgeball except that all players are safe from being out. This makes Boxball a safer and friendlier version of dodgeball.

Capture the Flag

A derivative of the childhood game of tag, Capture the Flag is a popular sport at summer camps. Like any sport involving a great deal of running, Capture the Flag can be dangerous for large groups.

Flag Rugby

Like flag football, Flag Rugby is a variation of rugby designed for safer play. Despite this, the sport can be as rough as its rugby counterpart.

Light Competition Games

Spike ball is a great way to get rid of any excess energy you may have. It is very easy to play and best of all, it is totally free. All you need is a Spiked Ball (which can be bought from your local toy store), a Baseball Bat and a good eye. It is basically the equivalent of catapult ball (which is a game played at kids parties in the park), except it’s played on concrete.

Humans vs. Zombies

Gamers of all ages will love this little game of humans vs zombies. Not only is it fun, it is a great team activity. You start out by having a group of zombies walk through the streets and for every human the zombies tag, they become another member of the undead. The other non-zombie members of the group need to run and free their friends. When the humans run out of power, they join the zombies and the new zombies tag other humans.

Walking Obstacle Course

This game is very simple. You draw out barriers and make rules. Run through the obstacles and see who makes it through the fastest. The rules are up to you so make them challenging. The further you go, the more points you get.

A Day at the Races

You can play this game using any number of items however a stick at least ten or twelve metres in length would be most effective. Each player must select an object or article and join the back of the queue. While they are in line, they must make up a name and a characteristic to describe their host object. Everyone then moves toward the start line, each player holding their object above their head. On the whistle/word go, they start to run toward the finish line with their object, trying to maintain their position at the front. Such items as bananas, hats, tennis shoes and soccer balls make very amusing objects (but make sure you do not really step on them).

Capture the Flag

This perennial favorite is often played on the school playground or in the sand pit. The pupils are divided into two teams. Each team takes a flag and firmly erects it somewhere on the ground. If a flag is uprooted by the opposition, it has to be raised again. The team which manages to capture the smallest number of flags wins.

Giant Darts

Games for When the Weather’s Hot

Tetherball is a classic. This game requires a tetherball, which can be any ball on a string, attached to a pole that’s tall enough for an adult to stand underneath. To play tetherball, a player stands on the opposite side of the pole and swings the ball in an attempt to wrap the string around the pole.

It’s best to attach your tetherball high enough that adults can play. You don’t want kids to get hit on the head with the tetherball if they aren’t paying attention.

We have a coconut tree in our yard and it’s the perfect height for our tetherball game. If you’re in a pinch, you can always pick up a rope and tie a ball on one end.

You can also use a heavier ball to get some extra resistance when playing tetherball. Some people even use winter gloves to play tetherball.

You can also play tetherball on the beach, since the sand is soft and doesn’t hurt as much when the ball hits you.

Ladder Ball is a game which is similar to ball ìrounders… in fact, the original game was played with a leather ball and a ladder. This game is played using an inflated ball or beach ball (like a kickball) and a ladder. It is played in teams of two members each.

The game is played by spinning the ball down the ladder, and the other team tries to hit the ball with their mallet. If you hit the ball on the first or second round, you can earn a point. However, if you hit the ball in one of those spaces where the two legs of the ladder go up perpendicular to each other, the other team automatically wins a point.

We played this one at a church retreat and it was pretty challenging because you couldn’t use your hands.

Kan Jam is a game where one person goes to the edge of the water or sand with a ball in one hand and a can of their favorite drink in the other. They toss the can of iced tea and then use their free hand to hit the can or try to make the can do a trick and set it upright.

You can add this game easily to your next family reunion.


Endurance races are a great way to get everyone moving. Deep-Sea Fishing A person sits on a blanket or towel while the remaining players circle around them. The person whose feet are touched by the fishing wire while it is pulled overhead by the person who started the game is out.

Poison This is a relay race with the winning team being the one with the fewest number of people eliminated from play. Rope Jumping This is also a good way to get people moving and promote strong leg action for soccer and other sports.

Shuffleboard Shuffleboard is a fun and entertaining game that involves strategy and skill. Gladiators The object of this game is to create an imaginary defense for your team. However, you can substitute water balloons or other objects. Freeze Tag In this game, a player is out if he or she freezes in place in fright.

High Dive This game involves diving off a platform set at different heights. Successful swimmers must retrieve an object that is set at the deep end of the pool. Hiking around a lake or pond is a good alternative. Ball Passing This is a fun game for which you want at least eight players. It uses one volleyball with two tennis balls. The object is to hit the volleyball into the air and hit one of the tennis balls in your opponents target. King of the Hill My favorite physical game, this one is fun for kids and Grownups.

Capture the Flag The most popular of all physical games, capture the flag is great fun for large groups. Sack Race A group of at least five players is needed. Running will improve agility for soccer and other sports. Longest Golf Drive In this game each player is given a golf tee.

Catch Fish This is also a good way to determine which player has the most endurance. Marathon My wife came up with this one. It requires a running track and a group of at least six players.

Cartooning It’s fun to watch and hear the creative cartoons that can be made. You can use any medium for this, including chalk, paint, or even dirt. Horse Jumping Try to make a ramp and use a maraca beans for the horse to jump over. You will need to provide the horses. Guess the Word This is a fun activity for large groups of kids and adults.

Even More Games!

For more fun backyard game ideas, check out our list of 27 outdoor games that are perfect for adults and kids of all ages.

From water balloon toss to water balloon archery, you can find all different kinds of the best backyard water balloon games in there.

Our list of 20 outdoor games to get the kids off the iPad and back into the yard also has some great ideas for families.

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Amazing Bonsai Tree Tricks to Improve Your Bonsai

Growing bonsai trees at home is something that you should consider if you really have passion of gardening. You may have not tried your hands on this type of gardening before, and through this article, you will get the information that will help you design and plan all its aspects in the incredible manner.

The first thing that you can do is take proper care of these bonsai plants, because taking care of something well will give you happiness and satisfaction. The beauty of trees is nothing less than the works of masses of demi Gods all over the world. Ginkgos are the ones that you will mainly see in the Chinese gardens, as they are native to some areas of China.

They are also the trees that have been around for the longest of times. A single tree can grow to be at least two thousand years old, and there is a lot of history in these trees. The leaves of these bonsai trees can also be in colors like yellow and red.

Another variety is the black bonsai tree, which can be easily grown inside or in the open. It usually comes with a dark color, with few touches of green or yellow. They are mainly cultivated from the regions of Japan.

The next variety of bonsai trees that you can grow is the white bonsai tree. These are usually a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Zen Buddhism, and they also have a rough texture on muscles. Some of these trees are even hundreds of years old. These bonsai plants have a usual size of six to twelve inches when they are first planted. The next variety of this tree is the grape bonsai tree which is a grape plant that has been pruned of its leaves a lot.


The home garage is the most important room in your home especially if you own a larger vehicle than a compact car. The only problem is that a vehicle is rather bulky and awkward to clean because it consumes a lot of room. The only way to deal with a garage that is filled with a remote-controlled car, tools, parts and other stuff is to have one of the 6 best storage cabinets in your garage. It is a very simple solution that has been available since the beginning of human history.

Beware of the companies that manufacture the cabinets; they have put all of their effort and time in effectively deceiving the unsuspecting customers and selling them cabinets that are just too small. These companies can rip you off big time.

Fortunately, this article offers you many technical insights on how to choose the one that you need. It is vital to know that these cabinets come in different dimensions to suit every kind and every type of car and every other hardware that you own. The storage cabinets that we have listed down in this article are categorized based on the size of the cabinet. If you require a 27-inch unit you can easily find one because all of the units have their size clearly indicated on the product description.

The next problem that faced the consumers is where to buy one. Of course, you can buy it straight from the manufacturer or you can order it online. However, it is not the wisest choice; it will cost you more and you will not be able to get your desired quality. You will always search for quality storage cabinets in certain stores, but you may not get them there either. However, if you do not mind to buy your storage cabinet second-hand, you can do that too. You may not find the most renowned brands anymore, but it can save you some money.

However, if you wish to buy a good quality of the storage unit you should buy straight from the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer has direct contact with the manufacturers of the cabinet and will deliver it to you directly from their factory.