How To Light A Gas Fire Pit

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First Things First: Which Gas To Choose?

The first step is to determine which type of gas to use to light your fire pit.

Most outdoor propane fire pits require 20 pound propane tanks or larger, which require a portable propane tank carrier to move them.

However, make sure that you don’t buy a tank that is too big. The bigger the tank, the longer it is going to stay empty, which can result in losing money. Buy a tank that has the same or less amount of fuel used as the original that came with your fire pit.

If you have an indoor gas fire pit, you will need to purchase small propane tanks approximately 5 pounds in size. Smaller propane tanks are used for refillable liquid propane fire pits sold in the form of a tank.

Once you have chosen the type of gas you need, you can worry about the actual lighting process.

Flame First

Before adding your choice of fuel, clear the stone hearth and place your fire pit burner over the hole. Once the hole is clear, start the masonry hole. This will allow the gas to be sealed safely in the hole.

When the hole is prepped, place the fire pit burner over the hole, and make sure it is level. It may take a few times to get it level [4]. Ensure the gas connection is well sealed and tightened (you may need to use a spanner wrench). Once the burner is on the flame will be visible. Turn it to the maximum position and sit back to enjoy your fire pit.

Ignition And Burner Systems

The first time you light your gas fire pit, it is best that you do it outside (not right in your back garden) and create a containment system for the butane.

For example, you can use a roasting pan with a brick or a piece of thick wood on top. This will catch any residue of the soda that is left, when you light the fire pit.

The second thing you will need is a long-stemmed lighter. This will make the process a lot easier than using a match, because you will not need to get too close to the fire.

Here are some more fire burning tips you may find helpful:

Always wear glasses when you light a fire in your fire pit. You do not want to get sprayed with dust or get ash in your eyes. And if you are worried about the wind blowing ashes on your patio, then use a patio umbrella.

You do not want to get sprayed with dust or get ash in your eyes. And if you are worried about the wind blowing ashes on your patio, then use a patio umbrella. If you are lighting your fire outside your fire pit, make sure that you have sufficient butane. If you do not have enough gas, the flame will not stay lit.

Piezoelectric Generator

A gas fire pit is often used for outdoor cooking, grilling, party or just for esthetic. They are also used to get some warmth in areas where coldness is constant. The fire pit itself is a container where fire can be started. It can constitute of several materials. The most common are steel and glass, but some of the latest types are made of stainless and even granite. Other materials of construction of fire pits are ceramics and even fireplaces. Sometimes fire pits can have carved features which make them more esthetic. They come in different forms and designs with the most common being round and rectangular.

The gas fire pits have clear glass/ceramic hoods that enclose the fire. The gas fire tubes are also a very common form of fire pit. In this type of fire pit a large tube is attached to the gas jets and it is inside the pit.

The gas is ignited and it burns from the tip of the tube and it creates a flame that appears to come from the center of the pit. Many of the gas fire pits are equipped with some accessories that allow them to perform several functions like cooking, etc.

Models With Piezoelectric Starters

Gas fire pits can be ignited in three different ways: hand-turning, electric starter, or piezoelectric starter.

A hand-turned starter works the way you turn on a kitchen stove-twist it counterclockwise to open the valve and then clockwise to ignite. The gas then augments the oxygen in the air, and it lights. The advantage of the hand-spun option is there's no added cost, and you get to feel manly.

Starters come in different forms and have different advantages. Some, such as the patented Hearth Heater model, have a secondary ignition. This means that if you accidentally shut the valve, the spark will ignite the gas even when the valve is shut. This is a particularly cool feature if you're lighting the fire at bedtime. You don't need to worry about bleeding all the gas out of the tank while you sleep.

A pilot light is another popular option. It's a flame that burns in the flame bowl of a gas fire pit. This method is particularly helpful in winter. When you light a pilot in the winter, the flame needs a few minutes to build up. The advantage of this is that if you're away from your gas fire pit for an extended period of time, you don't need to worry about the gas in the tank freezing and breaking connected parts.

Models Without Piezoelectric Starters

If you forget to light your gas fire pit, or you simply want to light it before you sit outside for a barbecue, there are a few steps to follow.

First, double check to make sure the tank is full, and that it is set to the ON position. Then, depending on the model, there may be a membrane switch on the valve or a push button igniter switch that you can push to try to get your fire pit to light. If there is no membrane switch, and you cannot get your fire pit to light, try lighting it manually.

To light a gas fire pit on the manual side:

Go outside to your fire pit. For safety, it must be on a non-combustible surface, like a well-drained gravel pad or patio.

Open the gas tank valve then turn it to the OFF position.

Find the lighter in the fire pit, and turn it to the high position.

Hold the lighter to the pilot and watch until it lights.

Turn the switch to the low position.

You'll be enjoying your gas fire pit in no time!

Stainless Steel Burner Pipe

For Portable Propane Propane fire pits have enjoyed popularity and have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many homes have both natural gas and propane gas pipe installed outdoors. As your natural gas consumption increases in order to power space heaters and other appliances, you may find that you do not have enough gas to power your gas fire pit. Gas fire pits can easily use a large percentage of the available gas in your system.

In the event you want to use a gas fire pit when your gas usage is at its peak, you can easily light your fire pit using a small amount of propane gas. Use a propane tank hose that screws onto the propane dispenser port and then fit the other end of the hose into your gas fire pit. Propane fire pits typically have holes around the outside and middle where the pilot light can be easily seen. When lighting your fire pit using propane you will notice that several numbers are engraved in the concrete around the burn bowl. Turning the propane on for the amount of time that corresponds with the number you want to light the fire will ignite your fire pit.

Electronic Fire Pit

What is that?

It’s very simple; electronic fire pits, also called “gas fire pits,” are a type of fire pit which uses gas to create the flames. These are very popular with their use increasing year on year. They also have a number of benefits, including safety and portability. Many people choose electronic fire pits over traditional burning fire pits because they are safer and also have the benefit of being cheaper to burn. Their popularity also stems from the fact many of them have additional features, such as remote controls which allow you to set the temperature of the fire and even control fan powered flames.

So, how do you light this fire pit?

Most electronic fire pits are as simple to use as turning on a lamp. Simply turn on the gas, light the fire and you should see a flame in a matter of minutes. Some models may require you to adjust the temperature settings once they have reached a certain temperature. This is very simple to do with most of the plusher electronic fire pits.

There are also fire pits which are not electronic but use electric spark ignition to light the fire, these are also much the same to use as you would light any traditional fireplace.