Is Backyard Camping Safe Either Alone or With Your Kids?

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What are the Risks?

Today, millions of families take an RV or make the gear-heavy trip to camp in the backyard. Despite mass media's image of bucket challenged youngsters dropping fire into the dry forest under the supervision of the ditsy mother, it is possible for you and your kids to make a trip to the woods an exciting adventure.

Just like indoor camping, taking a trip to the woods with kids requires preparation. First, decide how far you are willing to take the trip and then take into consideration all of the variables. Cost, time, ground conditions, weather, safety, and the intensity of your family are all considered.

Mostly, you will want to take a safer and shorter route. An isolated area that is nearby is ideal, but should be chosen based on the growth patterns. Choose the right season for your first trip and be aware of any no trespassing signs.

Family camping is ideal, however, if your kids are young, there are many things to consider. Kids will often feel that they must make an impression and with their limited circle of influence, they need to find a way to attract attention. Some kids get bored easily and become irritable. This is the opposite of how you want your trip to go.

In addition to the kids, food is a concern. Try to keep your kids content and happy with a few different snacks. A trip seldom lasts more than two days, so keep your snacks within that timeframe.

Wildlife and Backyard Camping Safety

Perhaps the most common reason why some people think backyard camping is not safe is because of potential wildlife encounters. Whether actually camping in a tent in the backyard or just spending a night in an enclosure with campfire, the fear of wild animals such as rattlesnakes, raccoons, and even skunks can cause backyards to seem less-than-ideal places for outdoor comfort and safety with your family.

However, the reality is that many wildlife encounters that are painful, inconvenience, or downright dangerous for people become quite normal in the backyard. A person in a tent in the backyard experiences less risk than someone walking through the woods. It is true that some backyard campers still get surprised by the occasional wild animal; snakes and skunks aren’t known for leaving signs of their presence. However, even a rattlesnake rustling in the grass remains a manageable problem for most backyard campers.

The main reason why wildlife in the backyard are not a problem is because backyards are their territory. If a backyard is regularly occupied with normal activity, then wildlife will see it as a safe haven and stay away. In the rare occasion when a family does see wildlife, they immediately take action and squish the critter or scare it away. As long as wildlife remain in the backyard, there is nothing to fear.

Safety at Home

Backyard camping has become quite popular among families for many reasons. The benefits of experiencing the great outdoors are many, and kids can re-learn the same knowledge their ancestors held dear. You and your children are one step ahead of the game when it comes to safety. Backyard camping, whether alone or with your kids, is safer than you think.

Here is some advice to help you prepare for your trip and for every part of it.

Before you head outdoors, make sure you have reviewed your local backcountry conditions…wherever you will be. Check with local authorities, including park and forest rangers, so that you know the weather, trail and stream conditions, special event schedules, and when the campgrounds you will be visiting are full.

There are usually campsite restrictions on how many people can stay at a site, how many tents can be pitched, and how close they have to be. The group size limits and camping restrictions are usually based on the number of available tent pads and water supplies.

You can determine distances by reading markers and signs at the campsite or counting paces or steps.

Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit, which is a small kit packed with supplies used to treat injuries. A first aid kit is a good idea for everyone in the family. Bring along some bandages, gauze, and wraps in case someone gets injured while camping.

Weather and Camping Safety

If you follow basic safety rules, you will be able to enjoy a family camping trip without incident. In this article, I am going to address the importance of being prepared and how to prevent common camping problems.

Remember, your camping date is a planning meeting. It is a time to make a timetable for supplies and packing. Think about every aspect of your trip. Review the items on the list. Add anything that you think of that will make the trip more fun.

Give your partner a list of tasks for each day. This will make the trip more relaxed for you and your partner. Things will be less stressful because of the planning stages.

As for the weather, normally, when the weather is good men think it is a good idea to head off into the sunset with their families. However, with bad weather, family members tend to stay in their comfortable home. Bad weather really does make a difference to how much people pitch in to help each other out. If it is raining and the weather forecast is for more rain, perhaps you should rethink the camping trip.

Final Thoughts

I am a family man myself. Therefore, my recommendations to you are to have a great time but to be safe while you are enjoying your family camping trip. I hope this article will help you have a great trip.

Benefits of Camping in Your Backyard

Many parents are not fans of the outdoors especially when they have kids. It is perfectly normal for most parents to want to provide the safest environment for their children. Camping is supposed to be an adventure that introduces kids to nature and get them inspired to explore the world. Parents with no outdoor experience will worry about all the potential dangers that are associated with camping. Children who grow up with no experience outdoors will grow up in a world without nature and the wonders of the great outdoors. Early exposure to camping will make kids more excited about the outdoors, increase their appreciation of nature, and inspire them to visit the world and see everything the outdoors has to offer.

Camping is a great way to have a wonderful experience with your family and also an opportunity to bond with your family. Spending quality family time is always beneficial for the family. Camping is not only an outdoor, fun, recreational activity, but it is also a learning experience. It is a great way to learn more about your family members and get to know the family. Camping is a great way to get connected with your kids instead of giving them the television set or computer to keep them occupied. It also allows parents and the kids to have great time outdoors.

For parents who are interested in camping, here are a few tips:

Be Prepared:

How to Stay Safe While Camping in Your Backyard

Backyard camping is a fabulous way to provide a fun-filled, affordable experience for the kids, or just to enjoy the great outdoors with the entire family. You have to wonder, however, if safety is a main concern when planning your next backyard adventure?

First, be sure to stay within your capabilities. Backyard camping is not for everyone. If you are inexperienced at camping, do not start with a backyard adventure. Some basic camping skills are necessary. You must be prepared for the worst, including power outages, food storage, and protecting the family during a rainstorm. Many items purchased at camping stores can be used in a backyard setting, but many can't. For example, a 10-person tent will not work in your backyard. You should pick a tent that will meet the needs of the size of your family and the number of guests you are expecting. Plan your menu carefully. Consider all the food you will need, and try to plan for leftovers. Make sure you have portable tables, chairs, and a cooler.

Backyard camping is a great way to provide your kids with a safe, quality outdoor experience. Make sure you plan your trip carefully and are aware of exactly what you will need. Plan for the unexpected, and prepare the family for the worst.

Prepare Your Campfire Site

Before you arrive at your campsite, just a little bit of planning can save you from being unprepared and getting into a situation where you might be injured, or find yourself unsafe during or after your camping trip. Follow these basic steps to prevent having an unsafe campground.

Use a tarp on the ground as a fire pad. You want a fire to be elevated off your campers/shade, so it is out of reach of children. You also don't want your campfire to be in direct contact with the ground. Of course, it is always good to have a fire extinguisher close to the campfire as well.

Campfires are really important for your camping trip, but also are a fairly significant fire hazard. To lower risk of injury or death from a fire, you should follow some basic campfire guidelines:

The safest way to build a campfire is with a fire pit or ring. A fire pit is a pre-existing pit or ring. With a fire ring, you should only use timber with a diameter of 3-6 inches in diameter. Make sure the fire ring is already established as too small a fire pit poses a serious safety hazard too.

Throw Some Light on the Subject

Safety is an important factor for keep in mind if you are planning to go through with camping or any other outdoor activity with your children or even alone.

Camping, particularly the backyard variety is a wonderful opportunity to chill with the kids and do something different and adventurous. It is also a fun activity for the entire family, but a few safety tips are the need of the hour before you move on with it.

The most important thing is to make sure children are protected against animals and insects. If you are going to camp on your own, you will have to get the equipment that is required to make sure the camp is safe and secured.

This will not only include the lanterns but also patio lights that can be installed at the entrances and exits.

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Final Thoughts

The safe thing to do when taking a hike on the weekend is to stop by the store and buy a sawhorse or two.

Attach them to a tree and you have the perfect height for your kids to safely use the bathroom outdoors.

I know, it’s not the same without the trees, but if you’re aiming for safety, compromise equals success.

Be present as a parent during the wilderness.

It’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, the mountain, the swamp, etc., but if you don’t watch your kids around every corner, you could be in for a dangerous surprise.

To stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors with your kids, here are some of my best tips for picky parents.

Bring a partner.

Pack a partner or hire a babysitter … better yet, BOTH!

Bring plenty of snacks.

Your picky eater is going to need to eat. A lot!

Bring hiking boots, rain jacket, and a warm jacket.

Comfort is key!

Bring a first-aid kit.